With the participation of important public and private entities in the region, last October Consultrans carried out the third workshop associated with the Study of the Railway Investment Master Plan for Greater Concepción.

This workshop was held in conjunction with the State Railways Company (EFE Trenes de Chile) and its subsidiary Ferrocarriles Suburbanos de Concepción (EFE Sur), and the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT) who participated through its Logistics Development Program and its Road and Urban Transport Program (SECTRA).

In this workshop, the participants were shown the Railway Investment Master Plan for a 20-year time horizon. Likewise, The participants, were able to assess the projects that comprise it and their priority.

Subsequently, the workshop focused on analyzing financing alternatives, achieving a participatory and proactive conversation atmosphere. The event was closed with the words of the General Manager of EFE Sur, Mr. Nelson Hernández. 

Congratulations to the entire team that has been part of this important achievement.