The DGTT has contracted Consultrans to improve the applications that manage training in the field of land transport, as well as road transport authorizations.

In 2022, the way in which the exams will be conducted to obtain the title of professional competence will change, becoming conducted electronically. Consultrans will optimize the UX implementing several enhancements of the bank of questions and practical cases of professional competence, as well as exams’ management and their electronic execution.

In addition to the above, other improvements are already under way in the processing of files and management of courses and exams to obtain the CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude), with the intention of making more effective the management of CAP training by the different agents involved (training companies, professional drivers, and public administration).

Likewise, Consultrans leads the optimization of applications for the processing of transport authorization files and the management of notifications and electronic communications, to make it easier both, to the citizen and to the different bodies responsible for its management.