Both actions are framed within the adaptation of the Mediterranean Corridor to accommodate circulations of both Iberian width and standard width within the framework of the Infrastructure and Housing Plan of the Ministry of Development (PTIVI) 2012 -2024, in order to promote the transport of goods and incorporation of corridors and backbone nodes within the Trans-European transport network.

The first of the actions consists with the second phase of the works, currently in execution, of implementation of standard width in the sections Sant Vicenç de Calders – Vilaseca and Sant Vicenç de Calders – Martorell, of 69.5 km and 49.1 km in length respectively, for which the two external rail wires will be replaced. The new rails to be installed will be of the same typology 54 E1 as those reused in the previous phase.

The second of the actions is located at the Vilaseca junction, made up of two railway branches that connect the recently built Vandellós variant with line 210 Miraflores – Sant Vicenç de Calders. The existing P1 type railway switches will be replaced by new ones of mixed width adjusting the geometry of the platform and track according to the new deviations to be installed.

From Consultrans we appreciate, once again, the trust placed by ADIF in our #superestructura teams and railway facilities for the development of this type of projects.