Consultrans, in a Temporary Joint Venture with Geoconsult, will carry out the actions for the improvement of the drainage between the tunnels of La Encina and Font de la Figuera and the exit trench of the latter, within the improving of the affected roads in the municipality of La Font de la Figuera.

As a result of the floods produced by the intense rains that took place in September 2019, due to a DANA (Isolated Depression in High Levels of the Atmosphere) that affected the northeast of Spain, the municipality of La Font de la Figuera (Valencia) was badly damaged. These floods directly affected the surroundings of the Font de la Figuera tunnel on the Madrid Chamartín-Valencia Estació del Nord high-speed line (line 300). Being located at a low point of the confluent basins, it became a large drain through which a large amount of water was drained and transferred, with the evacuation of this to the other side of the tunnel, generating significant damage both, to the superstructure and railway infrastructure, and to some infrastructures of the municipality downstream of the tunnel.

The main objective of the project contemplates the strategies or actions in the short term, which aim to protect the railway infrastructure and the environment of the Font de La Figuera tunnel, for return periods of between 2-25 years, where the most important action to be analysed will take place in the points where the greatest contribution of flow affects with the design of two flood alleviation ponds, one on the north bank, and the other on the south bank of the route, close to the southwest outlet of the tunnel, which will collect the flow from the watersheds through the crowning ditches projected in the nearby trenches, to laminate the flow that the drainage system can receive through the tunnel and minimize the consequences that this transfer may cause both, on the track platform and downstream of the tunnel itself.