Throughout August 2021, Consultrans has drafted Capitalisation Results and Sustainability Plan of the project Interreg Atlantic Area IN4.0, leaded by Diputacion de Pontevedra.

Interreg Atlantic Area co-finances cooperation projects among 36 Atlantic regions of five European countries, with a total Budget of €185M, being €140M of ERDF.

European IN4.0 project, Adaptation of Industry 4.0 Model to the Naval Sector emerged under the call for proposals 2018. IN 4.0 is carried out by ten partners leaded by Diputación de Pontevedra.

IN4.0 aims to improve the competitiveness of companies in the naval sector through their adaptation into an industry 4.0 model, guaranteeing the continuity of the sector in an increasingly demanding market, where innovation is a key factor in strategic positioning.

Main project results are on-line Education platform Industry 4.0 to the Naval Sector; together with Connect 4.0, which porpoise is connecting naval enterprises with R&D firms that have already implemented industry 4.0 model.

Consultrans has contributed to guarantee project’s activity beyond its life-time, by reorienting project’s results into different sectors in which might be implemented, as well as looking for other European programmes framed in MFP 2021-2027.