The consortium formed by Consultrans-CDI develops at the pre-feasibility level the physical and operational measures that will allow optimizing the rail freight mode in the section between El Arenal Station and the interior of the San Vicente port area.

The Port of San Vicente has land accessibility through rail and road connectivity. The latter has a strategic position to give access to export and import products from the southern part of the country, especially considering that Concepción is an important city within the national context, which makes it an attractive pole of marketing and distribution.

The main objectives of the study will be to validate the proposed scenario in its previous stage, and to develop the preliminary draft of measures to be implemented, generating the social and private evaluation of the alternatives selected at the profile level

As a result of the project, Puertos de Talcahuano will be able to optimally meet the cargo demand forecast for the coming years and continue with the development of port and logistics infrastructure and technology, to achieve efficient and competitive service levels, in coordination with the public-private value chain.