After some months of preliminary works and logistics preparation, on the first of February Consultrans SAU started officially working in the three projects that represent a before and an after in the presence of the Company in Uganda, hand in hand with Uganda Railways Corporation (URC)

On the date referred, Uganda Railways Corporation triggered the commencement of the Detailed Design for the Refurbishment works of the Line Kampala-Malaba, the Preliminary Design of the Kampala Multimodal HUB and the Capacity Building project. These three projects, and specially the Capacity Building, are intended to make a difference in the performance of the Company, fostering the railway network and industry in Uganda.

The strong support of Ugandan Government, the Ministry of Works and Transport and the President himself is the best guarantee to ensure that the regeneration of the railway will become a reality in the next years.

Thanks to URC and its MD @Stanley Sendegeya for trusting Consultrans to accompany the Company in this path.